Favorites Toolbar in Firefox – How to Fix Favorites Bar Widgets

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If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you should be aware that it has Favorites Toolbar. If you are not yet familiar with Favorites Toolbar, here are some tips to make it work for you.

In general, Favorites Toolbar does three things:

  • Displays your bookmarks
  • Saves your bookmarks on your hard drive
  • Create a shortcut to your bookmarks on the toolbar

Favorites can be of the type of things like:

  • Stuff you view frequently on websites (keyword, subject, owner).
  • Stuff on your computer (page id).
  • Stuff on your pages

What does it mean when you have too many bookmarks?

When you have too many bookmarks, it means you don’t have enough memory available on your computer to save each bookmark with each visit. So you will see a pop-up on the Favorites toolbar, and you can select to delete some or all of the bookmarks.

How can you delete/approve bookmarks?

You go to the Bookmarks menu from the Favorites menu box. You can also go to the drop-down menu under Recent additions. If you see the words Recent additions, that means the feature did not work properly in the most recent visit.

If this is the problem, Favorites will be unorganized.

An alternative is to go to the drop-down menu under recent additions. It will be under this name. You can also go to the drop-down menu under favorites.

If typing the URL of the Bookmark is too difficult, especially if it is MRWord or PDF file, Favorites can also be organized by encoding the URL in the Favorites menu.

Remember to save your bookmarks before you delete them or you will lose them!

Bookmark Management Tools

Favorites were designed with the idea of keeping your bookmarks in a tidy organized fashion. To manage your bookmarks, follow these steps:

If you use the Internet Explorer add-on, you can go to the Favorites tab on the Favorites/Feeds/History bar. This looks like an unModified Version of the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer 1.0.

You will need to update the Favorites Add-on. To do this, click the Internet in the Add-ons menu. This will open the favorites window with the Add-ons tab visible.

  • Clean favorite bookmarks
  • Clean favorites toolbar
  • Favorites cache
  • Favorites history
  • Delete favorite bookmarks
  • Loading history
  • Restore favorites
  • Transfer favorite bookmarks
  • Web Search
  • Custom favorites

To edit your bookmarks, click the appropriate checkboxes in the “Edit User Data” pane. Click “Clear Now” to delete all the bookmarks. Select the checkboxes of the bookmarks you want to delete and click the “Clear Now” button.