How to Find a Coding Bootcamps In Your City

There are a couple of reasons why you should consider making a career switch into tech. The first is that the tech industry is flat out booming. COVID-19 may have slowed down the growth of nearly all other industries, but tech has not slowed one bit. If you are looking for a career change that will give you the ultimate job security even in the face of global economic hardship, then the answer is tech.

The second reason you should make the switch into tech is that the world is now working remotely. This trend will likely not change even after the world is back open. Running a remote-based company requires the best possible technology to make sure that business continues to come in, and that employees and clients alike are on the same page. 

This technology requires countless hours of coding to develop the software and security infrastructure that is necessary for a company to continue running smoothly and from a remote-basis. This means that on top of the job security, there is actually a rapidly growing need for skilled programmers. 

Coding Bootcamps

Another reason for the switch is that learning how to code is one of the best and fastest skill sets you can acquire without having to earn a degree. These days, coding bootcamps are taking tech-oriented career switchers from no experience to tech industry-ready programming professionals in just a few weeks. 

Many coding schools like Thinkful partner with tech firms to ensure their grads not only succeed in the tech industry but also have well-paying jobs waiting on them after graduation.

Even better is that most coding schools also offer income sharing agreements as a means of financing your bootcamp tuition. Traditional student loans require you to take on inescapable debt without any guarantee whatsoever that you will be able to get a job in your field. Instead, an income sharing agreement allows you to learn your new coding skills with a high degree of confidence that you will find a programming job after you graduate. 

An ISA works by you signing a contractual agreement that you will pay back your affordable bootcamp tuition, but only after you have landed a legitimate job in the tech industry. The amount you will pay back monthly will be entirely based on your new salary. Since the coding school is the one making the investment in an ISA, it is in their best interest to make sure that you are set up to succeed as a programmer both in terms of coding skills, and employment. The better a coding school’s grads do, the better the return on their investment.

There are likely coding bootcamps right in your own hometown. Let’s take a look at a couple of them now.

New York

New York is one of the oldest tech centers in the world. It is home to 45 of the NY coding bootcamps in the world. As the eastern seaboard startup hub, there are countless companies beginning every day, and many of them are either tech-based or need tech built. This means that New York has a seemingly endless demand for top tech talent. 

Right now, there are 19,000 open programming jobs in New York. That is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of the demand for tech talent, New York bootcamp grads also make some of the highest tech salaries in the country. On average, a New York bootcamp grad will make $133,000 per year.

San Francisco

San Francisco, and more specifically Silicon Valley, is the west coast tech mecca. Home to more startups per capita than any other metropolitan area in the US, the demand for top tech talent is quite literally never-ending. San Francisco is also a huge bootcamp hub, hosting more than 32 major coding bootcamps.

Currently, San Francisco has 20,000 tech vacancies, and at a salary of $145,000 per year, San Francisco bootcamp grads make more than any others in the country.


The rise in popularity of coding bootcamps as the preferred means of learning how to code, as well as the tech industry’s embracing of the remote-work movement, has led to the emergence of new tech hubs. Among these new tech hubs, Atlanta stands out. With six-figure salaries and 7000 open tech jobs, Atlanta is the place to be as far as tech goes. 

Atlanta bootcamp grads earn over $100,000 per year, and that’s in a city with a much cheaper cost of living than New York or San Francisco.