How to Learn Excel Without Reading the Manuals

Microsoft laptop

Some people like to learn by doing, and other people like to read the manuals. Well, I am inclined to learn through doing because reading something will make me better in the long run, and I have a much better chance of keeping up with what is going on in business and the Investing world. If you are an ambitious business owner, then you need to keep up with the times, otherwise, you will fall behind the rest, and most importantly, lose money. There are Apps for all sorts of things, and all sorts of people. But using a computer program for learning is a lot better than merely relying on one-side.

System for learning Excell

I have a system for learning Excel which revolves around using multimedia, audio, and video, reading. I am currently in the process of learning Php, and I encourage you to do the same. It is very important to learn all of the different programs that go along with it to give yourself a good chance of doing well.

I do believe in reading the widely recognized manuals whenever I have questions, but seriously consider utilizing an app for that knowledge! A lot of people give up before they get started, and it usually costs a lot of money. But you don’t need to, as long as you use it intelligently.

As far as learning goes, I find Excel the best interface for doing web sales and services. It is adaptable and used by a lot of people, and is usually free, at least for the basic function of it. It takes a while to get used to the “panel one” look, but once you do, it’s very functional and powerful.

Over the years I have met more people having knowledge of Excel than with any other program. It is a proven fact that most creative individuals in the world have used some form or another of Excel throughout their professional lives. I guarantee you have more friends that use Excel than anyone else. You may have used it daily, occasionally, but never as a major part of your professional life. What is interesting is the fact that a vast majority of these people have never read the manuals, and never will.

Here are your Excel basics, which will hopefully be useful to you in your new program of choice(s).

How to start

  1. Join Microsoft Excel (TM) by typing ‘Microsoft Excel’ (without quotes) into your search engine.
  2. Click on the Excel menu, and then click on “new”
  3. A new worksheet will open up with a couple of blank worksheet tabs at the top.
  4. OK the tabs by clicking on the ones you want, or just press the enter key
  5. A password prompt will prompt you to accept the out of date sheet tabs, click on ‘ Need a new Workbook’
  6. Name your workbook. I usually name mine ‘beginning simal’, as I use it for training or something like that.
  7. Every sheet that is in your workbook must be named accurately, or else you will get a confusing error. For this assume that the names of the cells are in lower case letters.
  8. Cell reference should be always accurate. If you enter a value in cell ‘a’ and then refer to it in cell ‘b’ and vice versa, you will get an error. My personal favorite is to enter theShopClosecommand(or some other equivalent) in cell ‘a’ to mean ‘Go to Store’.
  9. Try to stay away from the use of relative references. It almost always results in a bad editing operation. A relative reference to a formula in a sheet is the same as referring to the same cell in the same way.
  10. If you have ever made a macro use the clipboard, you must habitually save it either in its original form or in another sheet. Save times can be substantial, and can cause major problems to data import only when you restore the document from such a saved form.
  11. To avoid pitfalls, I make a habit of saving my macros, then removing them. I solve this problem by creating an alternative macro to instantaneously copy the content from the original sheet. I call this ‘name man Warehouse’. Make sure you store the macro on the clipboard.
  12. Several companies are offering Excel templates; I especially like the Microsoft ones because they illustrate all the steps to show you exactly what to do.
  13. Maximizing your thus limited Excel template library is a good thing to do when you have to alter Excel’s logic. You will need several of these templates for a large number of courses, e-learning programs, and similar matters. Some of the templates can be downloaded from our resource box below. We have a website that has downloaded templates we particularly like, so check it out if you have not tried it yet.