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I started to learn about personal computers which seem like an awfully long time ago. I had a very slow machine that was trying to run the cutting edge of Microsoft Windows. Things were already unthinkable as you could only buy them from certain computer vendors that were making them.

First experience of using Linux

The first thing I Found out was that the majority of personal computers run the same operating system. It is a minor variation of the same one run over and over again. This meant that I would have to upgrade my system more times than I would like.

It is also true that there wasn’t very much advancement in any area of personal computers. It used to be that every version of Windows had what was called a multitasking environment. You would use this when you needed to do something simultaneously with all the different programs. But for some reason that never worked properly. The illusion of working on something simultaneously was never really there.

This was a problem because at the time I had a fully loaded version of Microsoft Windows. What I didn’t realize was that I was probably going to have to upgrade my system every month even though I didn’t need to. My bank account would probably get dwindled too, but at least I would have the money to go somewhere else.

It was probably fairly reasonable for a while, but as soon as Microsoft Windows XP was no longer on sale I quickly upgraded. It was a pretty reasonable changeover, the only reasoning I can think is because they were giving me a free upgrade. I had also recently purchased a second computer which I used for a few years. That was also when I realized that I needed to change some hardware. The problem was that it wasn’t compatible with the old operating system, and my records were all in Windows XP. I knew I could never install another version of windows on it so, I gave up.

Back to DOS

A few years later it was back to DOS for me to run DOS programs. I didn’t like it, and I had already spent so much money on programs that it was already starting to become a real burden. I needed something that would run better, faster and of course cheaper!

I had already purchased a cheap program for converting my disks to DOS. This had fixed some problems I was having, but it left me wanting to have the same DOS programs on my new computer. This was when I started my quest for a DOS to windows converter.

Since I have found a DOS to windows converter I will share with you some things I learned during my search.

I looked everywhere, and I found so many free DOS to windows programs, but nothing that was all that useful. You find the same programs over and over again. You find the same ones every month or every year. It became obvious that paying for these programs was not going to be a viable option for me, and I needed something free.

So I thought I might share this list of free DOS to windows programs with you. I want you to be able to get a program you see is useful, and you cannot get from a paysite. Also, I hope you will not find any programs that are not free and think they might be useful.

Useful software

I have tried many of these programs, but for the most part, I found these to be the best. Each one of these programs I have tried before I came to me. Take the time to check these programs out. I think you will find at the very least half of these programs free.

Interested? Here is a list of the ones I found to be the most helpful and at the very least, free.

  • Del packs – it is a pack dissolvable file that dissolves others.
  • Roku – this program is not available for free, but if you want to help Others you can give it a go. By doing this you will be helping others by creating the free downloadable disks.
  • G fleets – it is a cool hosting based program that lets you manage your domains.
  • Jets – it is a cool flash-based game that could be very addictive.
  • Regeneration – it is a program that will boost your computer speed in a good way
  • Secure whatever – this is the most secure way to completely hide and secure all of your passwords from prying eyes.
  • Of course – this program will do you good and clean your computer from things like viruses and stuff.
  • Registry – this is the most important thing to have a good computer. This program will manage everything else you have. A good registry should always be kept for your machine.