Pandemic-Proof Jobs That Are Keeping The Economy Alive

Pandemic-Proof Jobs That Are Keeping The Economy Alive

The pandemic had a huge impact on the current workforce. Many people were laid off because their companies couldn’t afford to pay their salaries. Some were also discharged because their company didn’t want to expose them to the virus.

Although the landscape looks pretty negative for some, others were able to stay working regardless of the situation. These jobs are some of the ones that keep the economy afloat during the pandemic. Since the unemployment rate increased drastically during the Covid-19 outbreak, many people decided to switch careers to begin working in a different industry according to Totaljobs.

Teaching and Tutoring

Schools are shut, but this doesn’t mean education is over. Students can continue taking their classes with remote education. Online learning helps them to keep up with their classes while still protecting themselves from catching the virus. This means that teachers and tutors continue to make a living out of their profession.

We could say that online education is one of the most resilient jobs during the pandemic. Schools, universities, and institutions found a way to keep pace with their activities without compromising their workforce’s health or their students’.

Medical and Healthcare

This could be one of the most obvious, yet indispensable jobs during the pandemic. Medical and healthcare professions saved millions of lives during the Covid-19 outbreak. According to Totaljobs’ report, most healthcare companies are hiring personnel at a massive scale during the pandemic to overcome the shortage of medical talent. This includes non-medical professionals that still provide other relevant skills like social care or problem-solving capacities.

The pandemic created a huge demand for a new healthcare workforce. That’s why many universities decided to graduate medical students earlier according to Time. This way the healthcare community would be able to fill the gaps.

Software/Web Developers

Covid-19 accelerated the process of digitalization for most companies. The retail industry needed to compete with big companies that already had an online presence. These SMBs started to build their own websites or apps to keep their business afloat. Therefore, the demand for software and web developers spiked.

It’s also important to mention that during the pandemic people started to use telemedicine more frequently. Most healthcare companies began to hire developers to create their own telemedicine platform.

Digital Marketers

Companies need to keep their business going. There’s no stopping here. Therefore, marketing played a huge role in many companies out there. Besides, they had to be creative to distinguish their products from others. Some weren’t able to stay profitable with their business model, so they had to reinvent themselves. This is where digital marketers came along to help them catch their new target audience.

With the rapid digitalization of the retail industry, they also had to start building an online presence, so most of them started to hire digital marketers. This profession wasn’t affected by the pandemic as it can be done remotely.

Fitness Coach

Imagine what millions of people would do with that much spare time during the quarantine: many spend their time eating, watching Netflix, and ordering food online. This eventually would make them gain weight, and yes, they’d like to lose a couple of pounds later.

The exercise and coaching community became very in-demand due to this situation. Jemma Thomas, a personal trainer and founder of the online community Health Hub, recently spoke about the importance of a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic:

“In such unchartered waters, no one knows what will happen next so it’s important to look after yourselves, keep positive and exercise every day to get those endorphins flowing. Everyone will be feeling anxious right now and that’s why it’s more important than ever to make time to let off some steam.”


According to a recent report from Fresh Relevance, online retail achieved a 60 percent revenue increased during the pandemic. Since many people were confined at home and were unable to leave their houses, it was more practical for them to buy everything online. Therefore, the e-commerce community grew up exponentially, especially during the quarantine. Any e-commerce-related job was able to stay afloat despite the situation.


Although the coronavirus represented a total disaster for most people, others found innovative ways to stay active. From online teachers to developers, and even the retail industry, they all created different strategies that would help them stay afloat. The best thing we can do during stressful situations is to be resilient and follow new paths.


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